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Proper nutrition can be thought of as a retirement account for your health and longevity –  the more and earlier that you contribute means greater dividends and more returns on your investment as you continue to age. Living for a long time is a goal we all ascribe to, but more importantly, we want to live healthy and happy with the energy needed to fully pursue all of our life goals. While proper diet and exercise is the gold standard for optimizing your health, nutritional supplementation can help to reduce risk factors for a multiple of diseases associated with genetic factors, lifestyle choices, and aging in general.

We are pleased to partner with Emerson Ecologics to give you a 20% discount on their more than 16,500 major name brand products offered by their online distribution center at a 20% discount of the recommended retail price. You are able to search the entire inventory alphabetically, by brand name, or by product type, and have your choice of supplements or body care products delivered to your door at your convenience with free shipping on all orders over $49. There is no minimum order other than for free shipping, and you even have the option to set up monthly shipments if you are on any type of ongoing therapeutic regime.

We hope that this is of value to you in terms of convenience and the ability to more easily afford proper nutritional supplementation for you and your loved ones. If you have any questions regarding this program, please feel free to contact our office at spinecarechiro@icloud.com